Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day!

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Published August 27th, 2017 - 07:34 GMT
Habiba Al Marashi President and CEO, Arabia CSR Network
Habiba Al Marashi President and CEO, Arabia CSR Network

“The Emirati women have historically played an important role as a partner of the nation in all areas of its development. Giving is a woman’s second nature, regardless of her nationality.

We live to give, we are the mothers of giving, and so we are partners in ensuring that giving bears fruit. It is pivotal to support Emirati women in their endeavors to make the vision of our nation’s founders and present leaders a reality.

In every step of our nation-building, economic growth and social progress, a woman is behind it, giving all her energy to accomplish a united task. I congratulate every Emirati woman for the relentless efforts she puts in each and every day to help the society to progress.

The Year of Giving is essentially the year of recognition to our deep sense of corporate social responsibility, our strong spirit in volunteerism and untiring service to our nation. May we all continue to be the partners in spreading the culture of giving throughout the region and the world.”

Background Information

Arabia CSR Network

Formed in 2004, the Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) is the  first multi-stakeholder platform that engages small and large businesses and government institutions to strengthen their commitment to sustainable development across the Arab world.

The Arabia CSR network also aims to bring into greater focus the local and regional efforts undertaken at the corporate and civil society levels to further the case of CSR in the Middle East. Working under the slogan “Building Partnerships for a Sustainable Future“. The Arabia CSR Network’s aim is to facilitate exchange of ideas and to forge lasting partnerships across sectors for an improved society based on UNGC’s ten principles for human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

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