Bank Sohar

Published August 9th, 2018 - 07:14 GMT

At Bank Sohar reiterates its commitment to create the finest banking solutions, services and products that will make them unique, distinct and different – like the proud heritage of Oman. As Oman’s economy experiences sustained growth and the non-petroleum sector emerges as an important economic force, Bank Sohar presents themselves as a 'one-stop financial super-mall' catering to the diverse needs of their individual and corporate customers.

The bank believe that the most effective way to serve their individual customers is to anticipate emerging needs and develop financial products tailored to meet these needs. By adopting a lifecycle approach to the household sector, the bank have created a cache of value-added products.This includes various savings deposits options, mortgages, consumer lending, insurances and wealth management products, customised to specific consumer touch-points.