Actress Dina Sherbini not behind bars anymore, but still banned from going behind the camera!

Published January 27th, 2015 - 10:28 GMT

Although scandal-ridden Dina Sherbini is out of jail and back into the "real world," her life isn't back to normal just yet.

The Egyptian actress was thrown behind bars after being caught snorting cocaine with a friend of hers, who was also attempting to smuggle the Class A drug! 

Close sources to the former jailbird stated that Dina is banned from making any public statements, as per request from her lawyer, until a verdict for her court appeal has been announced. 

But Dina isn't just banned from talking, she's also not allowed to practice her profession! Even though she's been offered an acting role in Director Hani Khalifa's new film "Sukkar Mur" (Bitter Sugar), Dina will have to wait until February when the verdict is out, reported

The acting ban was issued by the Egyptian Actors Syndicate, who have also informed Dina that she will receive an acting permit once a "certain amount of time has passed."

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