Egyptian Poussy back in action after a short break

Published November 18th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Poussy returns to the studios after wrapping up a visit to Saudi Arabia with her sister Noura for “Umra” to finish up the final touches of her new TV series “Al Tareeq Ila Al Hakeeka” (On the road to Truth). The drama will be aired after the 16th of Ramadan on the Egyptian Satellite station, the London based Elaph reported.  


Poussy had at first planned not to star in any TV work until after the month of Ramadan, but decided to change her mind at the last minute. The new series is directed by Tariq Al Nahri and co-starring Poussy, Omar Al Hariri, Ameerah Al A’aydi, and Abdullah Mahmoud. 


Poussy’s latest work is “Emraa Men Nar” (A woman of Fire) directed by Tawfiq Hamza. She plays a kindhearted woman who inherits a large fortune that transforms her into a cruel and gready woman. Poussy had also co-starred with Hisham Abd El Hamid in “Han Al Aan Maw'edoh” (The Time has Come) film, written by Mohamed Seada and directed by Hany Lashin, starring Abd El Moniem Madbouly, Hassan Kamy, Alaa Morsy and Heba Kamel. The film revolves around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 


Other works for Poussy during the past year include the film “Mosafer Ella Al Gahim” (Traveler to Hell), co-starring Poussy, Kamal El Shenawy, Hussein Fahmy, Raghda, Mahmoud El Gendy and Hatem Zo El Foqar, and written by Adel Anayt and directed by Samir Saif. She played the part of a university professor who is threatened with murder by a terrorist organization. The terrorists come from another country, and are trying to hunt down the professor after she had completed scientific researche leading to the invention of deadly weapons.  


Last year, Poussy submitted an application to the Musicians Association to request permission to sing, as a first step toward releasing an album. She had chosen eight songs to be recorded for the new album, and expected that the Egyptian Production Company would release it as they had done with Yusra’s album. Until today nothing came of her singing career.  


The actress said that her husband, Noor Al Sherif, was the first to discover the beauty of her voice and its suitability for singing, and denied rumors that Sherif had been horrified by the idea. She had refused offers to sing at 5 star hotels saying it interferes with her acting profession. 


Poussy is the sister of actress Noura. Who was born as Serfenaz Moustafa Qadry. Poussy started her acting career working in films and on stage. The actress, married to Nour El Sharif, comes from a long line of aristocracy. Her grandmother is one of the Turkish aristocrats who moved to Egypt in the middle of the last century. – 


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