Foul play? Sorry Salah The Entertainer, this picture "proves" Yasmina WON Arabs Got Talent

Published March 11th, 2015 - 09:19 GMT

When Salah The Entertainer was announced the Arabs Got Talent (AGT) winner on Saturday, we questioned whether he did it fair and square. And now, thousands of the talent show's fans are asking themselves the same question!

In "Team Jacob vs Team Edward" style, social media users in the Arab world split into "Team Salah" and "Team Yasmina" this week.

Yasmina was a strong favorite to win the competition. The 16-year-old mesmerized the show's celebrity judging panel and viewers with her strong singing voice, which some said resembled that of the legendary late classical Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum.

But there was just one person unimpressed with the aspiring singer's vocals: why it was Ahlam of course! The Emirati singer branded Yasmina's voice as "strong but noisy and lacking in emotions."

Foul play?

A professional dancer with several international shows like Salah shouldn't have won a show designed for amateurs, where they are able to showcase their talents and make a name for themselves. A photo circulating the Internet provides another reason for why the Moroccan artist shouldn't have taken the winning title home.

The photo shows that 7.483.963 fans voted for aspiring singer Yasmina in the final, in comparison with Salah, who received 6.475.391 votes in total, as reported by Ana Zahra news.

Unless the picture was leaked, anyone could have designed it to look as though it is real, but with MBC remaining comment-free, some are pushing the blame on Ahlam, speculating that she may have fiddled with the show's final outcome.

But would a bitter Ahlam go as far as jeopardizing a young girl's chances of winning? We remain on the fence about that one!

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