Kinda Alloush divided between Syrian and Egyptian drama

Published July 25th, 2012 - 06:09 GMT
Kinda Alloush
Kinda Alloush

Syrian actress Kinda Alloush is a talented woman: she has proven to be successful in dividing herself between both Egyptian and Syrian television dramas and showed she is capable of mastering both dialects in the role she plays. With such a wide range of parts, you can now find her on most Arab satellite channels. 

Her most recent Syrian dramas are 'Al Wilada Min Al Khasirah' (Birth from Loss) and “Banat Al Aylah” (Women of the Family). Both TV shows are directed by well-known Syrian director Rasha Sharbatji.

But after having significant success in Egyptian cinema, Kinda has also become one of the most sought after Arab actresses for roles in Egyptian dramas. This year, Kinda will star in the television drama “Al Baltaji” (The Thug) alongside Egyptian actor Aser Yasin.

With so much on her plate, on top of living through the real life dramas of Syria, it's a wonder she's still standing! 

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