Nasser Al Qasabi reveals how he popped the question!

Published May 10th, 2012 - 09:21 GMT
Nasser al Qasabi scratches his head, deciding to buzz or not to buzz!
Nasser al Qasabi scratches his head, deciding to buzz or not to buzz!

Even though Nasser Al Qasabi is not one of those actors who tend to crop up in the media a lot, he is very popular and is regarded as one of the most 'talented' comedians in the Arab game. With his keen sense of humor and homely nature, he easily makes a great co-judge on the show "Arabs Got Talent". Here, he reveals some of what's behind the public persona.

MBC recently published some of the hidden sides of the actor who apparently has a special relationship with the desert. In 2005, the actor went on a wild adventure trip in the Empty Quarter Desert, inspiring him to document his experiences in a book called "Al Ramleh" (A grain of sand). Readers and fans were pleasantly surprised by how well the book was written, noting his natural way with words and easy flow that conveyed his desert adventures. So, this is a man who is in his element on his feet, in the desert, and in writing.
In a recent interview on the Saudi satellite aired show "Turning point", the funny man confessed to being rather shy. He also admitted that he gets stressed out anytime he sees himself on television, especially if the show "Tash ma Tash" (bubbles rising to surface, akin to cola gas: meaning, To Burst or Not to Burst) comes on, the comedy hit show that propelled him to fame. 
Other quirks to the Arabian joker include a rather interesting story behind his marriage proposal to famous author Badriya Al Bashar, who he met while still at university. The story goes that Nasser received a phone call from Badriya, asking him to write a scene for a student play that she planned to participate in. Nasser obliged to writing the scene on the (very simple!) condition that she marry him, making this one of the strangest marriage proposals in record!
In a recent article for "Laha" (For Her) magazine, Badriya confirmed that her husband Nasser has a great sense of humor, even
at home or 'off-duty' as it were, where he is always joking and making her laugh. Perhaps it is because of this husband-induced laughter that she adds on-record that she will never let him go! 
For any fans of the comedian Nasser al Qassabi, what do you think of his performance so far on Arabs Got Talent?
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