Did Ahlam pay MBC $50 million to kick Ragheb Alama off of Arab Idol?

Published April 12th, 2014 - 11:48 GMT
Looks like Ahlam got what she wanted in the end; Alama is out! (Image: Facebook)
Looks like Ahlam got what she wanted in the end; Alama is out! (Image: Facebook)

Rumors over former judge Ragheb Alama’s sudden decision to quit Arab Idol are getting more bizarre by the hour!

Earlier this week, the official spokesperson for MBC Group, Mazen Hayek, told Alarabiya TV that Arab Idol judge Ahlam had absolutely nothing to do with Alama’s withdrawal from the show.

Social media was abuzz with rumors that filthy-rich Ahlam had paid MBC $50 million to kick her nemesis Ragheb off the judging bench!

Hayek profusely denied the rumor, calling it a “mere lie and an illusion.”

The spokesman stressed that while Ragheb's decision to leave was made solely by him, the network respected his decision and still maintains a close relationship with the star.

As for Ahlam’s recent tweet where she said “my demands must be met,” Hayek assured Alarabiya that the singer could have been referring to demands about her chef or private jet, but in no way did she imply MBC or Arab Idol.

Following Hayek’s interview, Ahlam caused another stir by tweeting: “When I said my demands must be met, I was implying by MBC of course.”

Looks like it’s a 1-0 for Ahlam! With this statement, we can’t help but believe that she really was the reason behind Ragheb’s withdrawal from Arab Idol.

MBC confirmed that Wael Kfoury IS the new judge on Arab Idol, and Ahlam is darn ecstatic about it!

The Group officially confirmed that Kfoury will be joining Nancy Ajram, Ahlam and Hassan El Shafei on the talent competition’s judging panel in Season 3.


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