Outrageous Video Shows Assad Forces Destroying Tombs in Syria's Idlib

Published February 9th, 2020 - 07:47 GMT
Outrageous Video Shows Assad Forces Destroying Tombs in Idlib Amid Online Shock
Militants can be seen destroying a grave of a brigade commander in the FSA who was killed in 2014. (Twitter)

A video showing a group of men destroying a tomb in a cemetery in Idlib, Syria, has sent shock waves around the world. According to news sources, the men featured in the video are members of the Syrian Army aka Bashar Assad's forces and were targeting graves of militants who fought against government forces during the Syrian Civil War.

Translation: "Viral video shows members of the Syrian regime's forces destroying graves of counter militants."

The video shows men in military uniform and others dressed in civilian outfits destroying the grave of Muhanna Ammar Eddine, a brigade commander in the Free Syrian Army killed in June 2014.

In the video, the men can be seen using rocks trying to destroy the headstone before they kicked it with their feet. Another man was seen digging the grave using a shovel while his comrades expressed their joy at what they considered "revenge against Ammar Eddine".

Online reactions expressed deep shock, saying that digging up graves of the dead isn't acceptable and that it is an additional proof that Syria, although witnessing fewer battles, is not yet safe for refugees who opposed Assad to go back.

Notably, some supporters of the Syrian army also protested the content of the video, saying that no matter what political stances they take they can't support taking revenge on the deceased.

Other supporters of Assad stated that fighters of the Free Syrian Army acted similarly in areas they took over during the war. 

Translation: "All these hideous acts were also committed by your FSA when they took over Afrin."

The Free Syrian Army was formed by defectors of the Syrian military known as the Syrian Arab Army, in the wake of the Syrian War in 2011 and is believed to have received military and financial support from Turkey and some Gulf states. 

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