Racist Cover? The Economist Faces Backlash For MBS Article

Published August 2nd, 2022 - 06:25 GMT
Racist Cover on MBS? The Economist Faces Backlash
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (Shutterstock)

A cover by The Economist for an article that discussed the rise of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has ignited accusations of racism, as it showed a man in a traditional Saudi head cover attached to a bomb to its end.

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The magazine article published last Thursday was written by Nicolas Pelham, The Economist's Middle East correspondent, and questioned the Crown Prince's next steps as he gains legitimacy from the international community following the Jamal Khashoggi murder, most notably after the July visit by the US President Joe Biden and MBS's visit to several European countries, including Greece and France

As soon as the article titled "MBS: despot in the desert" was published, many social media users retweeted the post expressing their objections, pointing to the cover image which has been perceived as "offensive and racist to Arabs", as it hinted at old western stereotypes that often linked Arabs and their traditional attire to terrorist bombings.

Some commentators also questioned whether or not The Economist would ever link a white or western leader to a bomb, even ones who have been linked to violent attacks.

Moreover, comments targeted the title of the Economist article that visualized the Saudi Crown Prince known as MBS as a "tyrant in the desert", saying it is "meant to show an anti-modern view of Saudis and Arabs in general".

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