Carol Samaha willing to marry a man of a different religion

Published August 27th, 2010 - 05:21 GMT
Carol Saaha
Carol Saaha

During her recent interview with well-known journalist Nidal Al Ahmadiyah on the show ‘With Nidal’, which is aired on the Egyptian television channel ‘Al Qahira wal Nas’, Lebanese singer Carol Samaha talked about her childhood and most memorable moments as she was growing up. Carol talked about how her parents belonged to opposite political parties and that fact made her become more open to the different views of people and she learned a lot from her parents.


According to the London based Elaph, Carol revealed that she learned equality from her father and how important it is to help others, which was one of the reasons she had joined the Lebanese Red Cross and during times of war. The singer stated that her father was a dreamer and fantasized a lot, where as her mother was more realistic and from her she had learned how to face reality and act in times of difficulties.


Carol described herself as an outgoing person and stated she began working at an early age in order to become independent. She added that after the age of 20, her father no longer supported her financially and she depended on herself, a matter that makes her refuse the thought of having anyone support her financially.


The singer revealed that she is currently living through the dilemma of not knowing what social class she belongs to. She said that she knows that she can easily afford to splurge and spoil herself but feels guilty when she does and that she is always careful when addressing the maid she has at home not wanting to hurt  her feelings. Carol noted that she is not materialistic, which is a problem in her line of work.


Nidal had asked Carol how she felt about mixed marriage between different religions, and she stated that she does not mind marrying a man from a different religion. She added that marrying someone from a different religion will open the door for her to learn more about other beliefs



Nidal’s interview with Carol covered many topics about her personal and professional life. Nidal concluded the interview by saying that she is a big fan of Carol and considers her to be on the same path as Lebanese divas Fairouz and Majida Al Roumi.

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