UAE Tech Podcast: Maher Yamout on Red Teams and Human Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Published February 23rd, 2021 - 05:36 GMT
Maher Yamout on the UAE Tech Podcast /Al Bawaba
Maher Yamout on the UAE Tech Podcast /Al Bawaba

Much of the discussion on cybersecurity concerns, well “cyber” - computers surveilling computers, algorithms to detect algorithms, or AI scanning massive amounts of data.

What is often lost is a focus on human beings. The field of cybersecurity itself is rapidly evolving into an established profession in which a combination of technical and analytical skills are required.

A lot of the discussion on the 4ID around the world covers technology replacing humans. While this is true across many industries, it’s not the entire story.

The field of cybersecurity is a great window into an emerging industry which is rapidly professionalizing, and on a search for new talent. Here human intelligence, human response teams and hybrid skill sets are very much in demand.

Today we’re talking with Maher Yamout, Senior Security Researcher of Global Research & Analysis Team at Kaspersky, on humans in cybersecurity. 

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