Get the lowdown on Ahmed Helmy's cancer journey

Published December 1st, 2014 - 08:10 GMT
Ahmed Helmy assures fans he's doing better. (Image: Facebook)
Ahmed Helmy assures fans he's doing better. (Image: Facebook)

We'd heard his surgery was successful, but some of us were still unsure just how our dear old Ahmed Helmy was doing after having a cancerous tumor removed from his back.

The Egyptian star calmed fans' worst fears with this Facebook post, "Thanks to God that he created me, thanks to God that He made me sick and thanks to God that He has healed me. With the grace of God you are all a part of my life so that you can pray for me. I thank God then I thank you very much for your support and prayers from the heart that reached me and was the motive of my strength. I am thanks to God doing good."

Ahmed's cancer journey began when he traveled to the United States of America with his preggo wife Mona Zaki, so she could have some medical tests performed per her high risk pregnancy. Mona was suffering from a rare virus in the blood and had to be under constant supervision by doctors.

During their stay in the US, Ahmed decided to undergo medical tests himself to check on his health since he kept feeling pain in his back. The big shock came when doctors informed him he had a tumor and was advised to immediately undergo surgery. Doctors had warned Ahmed that there is a chance he may be paralyzed from the operation, but he had to have it done.

Ahmed kept the news hidden from his family, friends and fans. Mona who was about to give birth insisted on remaining in the US and giving birth there to be by her husband's side when he had the operation done, and despite the crucial attacks they were subjected to for having their child in the US and accusations that they were only after the American citizenship, the couple remained silent and did not defend themselves or their decision.

Only after the operation was over, the cancer tumor removed, and his body in recovery did Ahmed break the news to the public. Mona assured their shocked and worried fans that both she and Ahmed were doing well and recovering gradually.

Ahmed is currently back in Egypt but will resume treatment with his American doctors. Fortunately, there's no chemotherapy in his planned future as see no need to do so.


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