Near Marriage Proposal?! Kerem Bürsin's Mother and Sister Welcome Hande Erçel to the Family

Published May 23rd, 2021 - 08:39 GMT
Kerem Bürsin bursin family aile kız kardeş sister Melis Bürsin mother anne Cigdem Bürsin Hande Erçel ercel

The Bürsin family welcomes Hande Erçel as a new member.

And the actress has been exchanging comments with her new hubby's family on social media making the relationship even more serious.

Leading actors of Sen Çal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door), Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, have announced their relationship a few weeks ago to the delight of their fans.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin no longer hide their love and neither do their families, who are delighted with their relationship judging by the comments on social networks.

Kerem Bürsin bursin family aile kız kardeş sister Melis Bürsin mother anne Cigdem Bürsin Hande Erçel ercel

This is the case of The Bürsins, who have welcomed their new member with open arms.

Melis Bürsin, Kerem's sister, does not hesitate to leave messages to her sister-in-law on her Instagram.

Before the announcement of their relationship, which shook the internet despite the strong rumors that had existed for months, Melis responded with icons of fires. 
Melis Bürsin probably knew about the romance before it was revealed, as she maintains a close relationship with her brother despite living in Canada.

On the other hand, also coinciding with the holidays in Maldives, Cigdem Bürsin, the actor's mother, began to follow Hande on Instagram.

This was seen as further proof that the actors were together. It seems that families of the stars have been quite cautious when it comes to giving clues about the possible relationship and have not interacted with Hande in this way until they definitively confirmed the romance.

Hande Erçel Gamze ercel aile kız kardeş Kerem Bürsin

And what do the Erçels think? It seems that the reception has been on both sides. We don't know what Hande's father will think of his son-in-law, but Hande's sister has no problem spending time with her new brother-in-law.

Gamze joined Kerem and Hande on their tropical break. As the photos she posted on Instagram show.

Gamze is an influencer, and she shared spending a few days with the happy couple along with her husband and daughter, Mavi, who is her aunt's weakness.

Unlike their characters in Love Is In The Air, Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin's relationship has no enemies, jealous ex-girlfriends, or controlling grandmothers. Everything is going smoothly, but the only thing they have to fight with is the siege of reporters in the streets of Istanbul. In fiction, however, they do not find the peace they so desire.

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