A Lebanese 10-Month-Old Angel Dies Due to Lack of Antipyretics

Published July 12th, 2021 - 07:15 GMT
Lack of necessary medication and deteriorating health secion in Lebanon was the main reason behind Jury's death.
Baby Jury passed away after her parents couldn't find the necessary medication to treat her fever. Twitter
Baby Jury suffered infections that caused her a high fever; then lost her life due to lack of medicines.

By Sally Shakkour

The Lebanese 10-month-old baby girl Jury Al-Sayyed lost her life after her parents could not find the necessary medication to treat her fever.

Jury's parents revealed the baby's fever rose due to an infection. However, they couldn't find the right medicine to treat her; Jury's uncle revealed the baby had been suffering infections several days prior. Her family tried to find medicines but they couldn't due to a medical crisis Lebanon is currently suffering from.

A social media campaign to sympathize with Jury's family was launched. People denounced both economic and medical crises in Lebanon and the ack of medical supplies especially antipyretics.

Jury was taken to a hospital in the Mazboud District, but the hospital wasn't ready to receive the baby; Her parents tried to move her to another one. However, the little girl couldn't make it and lost her life.

According to the Hospital, the 10-month-old baby was given the right medical care as a children section is available but unfortunately, a decision to move the baby to another hospital was made and disclaimer papers were signed by the family.

The baby was moved by a private car to the other hospital; minutes later her heart stopped beating and resuscitation attempts failed.

The Lebanese Minister of Health Hamad Hasan ordered a private investigation and hired a special committee to probe in Jury's death.

Activists called Jury Al-Sayyed "The medicine martyr" while others have shared similar stories of other Lebanese victims who also lost their lives due to the lack of medical care.

Bassam Al-Hadba, an old man who was living on oxygen tanks, passed away yesterday due to power outrage.

Several Arabic hashtags were released to support Jury's family and denounce current living conditions in Lebanon including: "#جوري_السيد, #لبنان_ليس_بخير and #المهم_الزعيم_بخير". #baby_Jury was also a trending hashtag in English.

Lebanon has been suffering worsening economic situation amid failed attempts to form a new cabinet.

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